Join us

But I can’t read music!

That’s ok. Learning tracks and sheet music will be emailed to you during your induction period and many of our chorus members learn their part solely by listening to the learning tracks. If you become a member of our chorus, you will be given access to our members’ website, Choir Geniuis, where all chorus information is stored, including the sheet music and recordings for each part - for all songs.

How do I join?

There is a five or six-week introductory period which will give you the opportunity to decide whether we are the right group for you.  Please note: we are an auditioned chorus so you must be fairly confident in b being able to hold your own voice part agaist three other parts.  You may wish to  identify a member of the group to 'buddy up with' to help you with any questions you may have and we can arrange this for you.  The Co-Directors will listen to your voice and help place you into the appropriate section – tenor, lead, baritone or bass. Each week you will be encouraged to stand with members of your section and join in where you can,  so you get a feel for the chorus sound. During this period, you will also be offered a membership pack containing more information.  Repeatedly listen to the learning track in order to commit your part to memory so that you are ready for your audition. Towards the end of this introduction period, either Sylvia or Liz will discuss your readiness for your audition and arrange a date.  Talk with your Section Leader about what is involved in the Audition.

Section Leaders:   Tenor: Chris Thompson.   Lead:  Lynne Burgess   Baritone:  Roseanne McGillivray   Bass:  Jenni Masters